Mary couldn't wait to get home since it was time for Thanksgiving dinner. She was going crazy thinking about the great dinner her mother had planned. Her mother had been building up the dinner for weeks and now she was late!  She was put out with her dancing teacher wanted to show the class a different hip-hop move at the very end of the class! Her teacher taught hip-hop on the side, and her regular job was as a police officer. If she asked the teacher to end the class she might offend the teacher so she decided to bite her tongue and not say anything to the teacher. She had come to realize that if she said anything the teacher might be upset and not volunteer to teach the class. If she didn't say anything she would be late for dinner! Making the decision to bite her tongue was a double-edged sword. So rather than asking the teacher to save it for another day, she decided it was best to look like she was ready to lap up the new move. Mary appreciated her teacher, but she wished her teacher knew that there was a fine line between being an enthusiastic teacher and not making the class go late. When the class finally ended, as Murphy's law would have it, when she left the class it was pouring rain. It didn't look like it wouldn't ease up and she had missed her bus home and probably Thanksgiving dinner! AND she also to go to the loo. Mary was late to Thanksgiving dinner but learned that sometimes in life you have to make decisions that are a double-edged sword. Mary gave thanks that evening that she not only had a great mother (who had waited dinner for her ) but that she had a lot of other things to be thankful for including her great hip-hop teacher!

Idioms in the Story:

fine line build up ease up Murphy's law put out bite your tongue go crazy lap up loo on the side get home come to double-edged sword