Drop the Charges

The store owner found the little boy stealing a chocolate bar. When the police arrived they said that they would drop him off at the jail. When the store owner heard that he said, "No, I want to drop the charges." The store owner decided to drop over to the boy's home so that they could talk with his parents. The parents didn't seem to think that stealing was that big of a deal because a lot of celebrities had stolen and that they never got into much trouble. The child's parents told him that they would get the child to drop him a line of apology. The store owner decided that he should drop a hint to the child's parents that dropping names of celebrities who stole would teach their child that stealing was OK. The store owner thought that perhaps he shouldn't have dropped the charges and had let the police drop him off at the jail to teach the child a lesson.

Moral of the Story:

Dropping the charges it isn't always a good idea because it teaches that it is OK to do wrong.

Idioms in This Story:

drop charges

drop off

drop over

drop a hint

drop a line

drop names