Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

At the beginning of the story, a queen who was born with a silver spoon, says to herself, "How I wish that I had a daughter that had skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony." Some time later, the queen gives birth to a baby daughter who she names Snow White. It was curtains for this queen as she died shortly after giving birth.

Snow White's father, the king, remarries a very beautiful, but a wicked and vain woman. The new queen owns a magic mirror, which she asks every morning, " Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?" The mirror always replies: " My queen, you are the fairest in the land." The queen is always pleased with that, because the magic mirror never lies. But as Snow White grows up, she becomes more beautiful each day and even more beautiful than the queen, and when the queen asks her mirror, it says; " My queen, you are the fairest here so true. But Snow White is a thousand times more beautiful than you." This blew her mind and it was a very big deal to the queen. It was written all over her face that she was envious, and from that moment on, her heart turns against Snow White, and the queen hates the girl more and more. Eventually, the angry queen with her sharp tongue orders a huntsman to take Snow White into the woods to be killed. The huntsman who was down to earth takes Snow White into the forest. After raising his knife, he says, " I'm not a hit man" and was unable to kill her because he was a good egg. So it turned out it wasn't curtains for her after all. Snow White is told that her stepmother wants her dead but as far as the huntsman was concerned, the queen could let George do it. He told her and to get far away from the kingdom as possible. After being on the run and wandering through the forest, Snow White discovers a tiny cottage belonging to a group of seven dwarfs (this was the original group of seven). Since no one is at home, she eats some of the tiny meals (yuk), drinks some of their rot gut wine, and then tests all the beds. Finally, the last bed is comfortable enough for her and she falls asleep. When the dwarfs return home, they immediately become aware that someone snuck in secretly, because everything in their home is in messy. During their loud discussion where they made a mountain out of a mole hill, they discover the sleeping Snow White. She wakes up and explains to them what happened, and the dwarfs take pity on her and let her stay with them. They warn her to be careful and they would keep it on the QT that she was there and would check up on her. Meanwhile, the queen asks her mirror once again: " Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?" The mirror replies: " My queen, you are the fairest here so true. But Snow White beyond the mountains at the Seven Dwarfs is a thousand times more beautiful than you" . The queen is horrified to learn that the huntsman has not killed Snow White and she says that the huntsman is a marked man. She says, " over my dead body will she remain alive. I'll make certain that it is curtains for her!" She plans the removal of Snow White, then disguises herself as an old peddler. The queen then walks to the cottage of the seven dwarfs and offers her colorful, silky laced bodices and convinces Snow White to take the most beautiful as a present. Then the queen, who was a real crack pot aces her up so tightly that Snow White faints, and the queen left her for dead. But the dwarfs return just in time, and seeing that Snow White was in a bad way, loosen the laces and Snow White recovers.

The queen then consults her magic mirror again, and the mirror reveals that it wasn't curtains for Snow White. Now really upset, the queen goes to plan B and dresses as a comb seller (the queen liked to play make believe and convinces Snow White to take a beautiful comb as a present. She brushes Snow White's hair with the poisoned comb and the girl faints again. She is again rescued by the dwarfs when they remove the comb from her hair. The magic mirror tells the queen that Snow White is still " a thousand times more beautiful" . The queen went through the roof and made a third and final attempt to rid herself of Snow White. The queen decides to play dirty and makes a poisoned apple. Disguised as a farmer's wife, she offers it to Snow White. The girl who by now was afraid of being a sucker did not want to accept it, so the queen cuts the apple in half, eating the white (harmless) half and said, " yum" and offered the red poisoned half to Snow White. The girl caved in takes a bite and falls into a deep sleep. This time the dwarfs found it hard to swallow as they are unable to revive Snow White. Assuming that it was curtains for her, they place her in a glass casket.

A prince traveling through the land sees Snow White in her coffin and instantly falls in love with her. The moment he lifts the coffin to carry it away, the piece of poisoned apple falls from between her lips and Snow White awakens saying " Hold on ,where am I?" The Prince then declares his love for her and soon a wedding is planned. Snow White and the prince invite everyone in her family tree to come to their wedding party, including Snow White's stepmother. Meanwhile, the queen, still believing that Snow White is dead, again asks her magic mirror who is the fairest in the land. The mirror says: " Thou, lady, art loveliest here, I ween; but lovelier far is the new-made queen" . This blew her mind so she decides to go to the wedding to look up who this beauty was. Not knowing that the Prince's bride was her own stepdaughter, she arrives at the wedding and sees that the bride is Snow White, who she had killed. She went crackers, falls down, and this time it was end of the line (curtains) for her. Snow White and the prince reign happily and had a life that was out of this world.

Moral of the story: Looks are only skin deep. What is in your heart is what counts.

Idioms in this story

silver spoon
blew her mind
big deal
written all over her face
sharp tongue
down to earth
hit man
good egg
let George do it
on the run
group of seven
rot gut
made a mountain out of a mole hill
on the QT
check up on
marked man
over my dead body
crack pot
plan B
make believe
went through the roof
play dirty
caved in
hard to swallow
Hold on
family tree
blew her mind
look up
end of the line
out of this world