Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Grimm's Fairy Tale version - further simplified in a big way by

Sleeping beauty

Long ago there lived a King and Queen who wanted to have a child. One day, as the Queen was bathing in a pond a frog crept out of the water and said to her, "You will have a child" and since frogs are such magical creatures, in a bit the Queen had a baby girl. The King was so happy he prepared a great feast and invited all his friends, family and neighbours. He invited the fairies, too, but one of the fairies was left out of the celebration. No one was upset because this fairy was in every ones bad books because she was mean and not in step with all of the other fairies who were kind and generous. An wonderful feast was held (which almost put the King in the hole) and at the end of the feast, each of the fairies presented the child with a gift. One fairy gave her virtue, another beauty, a third riches and in brief she got a lot of great gifts. When all but one of the gifts were given, the fairy who had not been invited appeared and said, "When she is fifteen years old, the Princess will prick herself with a spindle and die!" The guests were upset and the Queen was sobbing. The twelfth fairy, decided to use her magic to soften the curse said, "Your daughter shall not die, but instead she and all around her will fall into a deep sleep of one hundred years." In time, the promises of the fairies came true -- one by one. The Princess grew to be beautiful, modest and kind. Everyone who saw her loved her and she was part of the in crowd. The King and Queen were in a bad way worrying about the curse. The King and Queen said that all the spindles in the whole kingdom should be destroyed. Everyone in the kingdom were in cahoots with the King and Queen and no one told the Princess about the curse because they did not want in the King's bad books and possibly placed in stir. On the morning of her fifteenth birthday, the Princess woke early because she was so excited but she wasn't in tune with everyone else who were all still asleep. The Princess roamed the castle and at last she came to tower that she had never seen. She opened a door. In a little room an old woman with a spindle, was spinning her flax. The old woman had been deaf for a coon's age and never heard the King's command because the King had not put it in writing, that all spindles should be destroyed. "Good morning, Granny," said the Princess, "what are you doing?" "I am spinning," said the old woman. "What is this thing that whirls round ?" asked the Princess and she took the spindle and tried to spin too . But once she had the spindle in hand it pricked her finger. She fell into a deep sleep. The King, Queen, servants, the horses, the dogs, the doves and in brief everything, even the flies on the wall fell asleep. Round the castle a hedge of thorny roses began to grow up until at last nothing could be seen of the sleeping castle which was in a bad way. Over the years, everyone came to know the legend about the lovely Sleeping Beauty. From time to time Princes came and tried to force their way through the hedge and into the castle but they all left in a snip when they found the thorns would not let them through. After a coon's age a Prince came again to the country and heard the tale of the story of the beautiful Princess who had slept for a hundred years. He heard also that many Princes had tried to make it through the brier hedge but none had succeeded and many had been caught in it and died or were now in the gutter.The the young Prince said, "I am not afraid. I must go and see this Sleeping Beauty." The hundred years had just ended and the curse was no longer in control. When the Prince approached the brier hedge the shrubs parted and let him through. In the courtyard, the Prince saw the horses and dogs lying asleep and also on the roof the sleeping doves had their heads tucked under their wings. In brief the whole castle was still asleep. Near the throne lay the King and Queen, remained in place sleeping beside each other. The Prince went on farther. At last he reached the tower and opened the door into the little room where the Princess was asleep. He bent down and gave her a kiss. As he touched her, Sleeping Beauty opened her eyes and smiled up at him. Throughout the castle, everyone and everything woke up. In brief within the month, the Prince and Sleeping Beauty were married and lived happily all their lives. The bad fairy was still in in a rut because for a hundred years she remained mean. She is still in everyone's bad books for keeping the Princess asleep for a coon's age.

Idioms in this story:

in a bad way
in a big way
in a bit
in a coon's age
in brief
in cahoots
in control
in the gutter
in the hole
in a snip
in crowd
in hand
in place
in step
in stir
in time
in tune
in writing
in your bad books
in a rut