The Party Pooper

It was Christmas and Ms. Dale's class all had ants in their pants because they couldn't wait for the holidays. All the class thought that Ms. Dale was a party pooper because she didn't want to have a class Christmas party. What they didn't know was that Ms. Dale had a party planned and was keeping it a secret. The weather outside was really bad and it was raining cats and dogs, which it hadn't done for a blue moon. This wasn't the usual weather for their part of the world especially in December. They thought that it might be easy peasy (lemon squeezy) to get Ms. Dale to agree to the party. They told Ms. Dale that they were feeling so sad since the weather was so miserable. She had told them that she agreed that the weather was miserable. While they had her on a roll agreeing with them, they thought that now was the time to ask her about the party. They told her that they would stop acting like they had ants in their pants and that they would turn over a new leaf if they could have a little bit of cake and some pop and some chips and some candy and a few games and, well their list was quite long. Ms. Dale knew what they were asking for, but she pretended that she was like a fish out of water and didn't even understand why her class would be talking about eating food that was not very nutritious. At the end of the day she dismissed the class and told them to go home and when they hit the hay they should try to dream about a party because that's as close as they were going to get. The children all were certain that Ms. Dale was a real party pooper. When they got to their homes they found that their parents were busy making cake and cookies and had bought lots of goodies. They didn't understand what was going on but they told her that they were going to have a party tomorrow and that Ms. Dale had sent e-mails and phoned them a week ago, to ask them for goodies for a party. They were supposed to keep it a secret, but parents are not very good at keeping secrets. When the children hit the hay that night they thought that Ms. Dale was a cool teacher who was trying to trick them into thinking that she was a party pooper.

Idioms in this story: turn over a new leaf ants in your pants party pooper on a roll easy peasy (lemon squeezy) in a blue moon hit the hay raining cats and dogs fish out of water