Santa's Elves Get a Well Deserved Vacation

(Another Story which uses these exact same idioms is the Holiday Season) Christmas was fast approaching and Santa Claus and all the elves were working hard to get the presents for all the children ready. They had just finished the order for the Big Apple. That was one of the biggest orders of all. It seemed like it had been a month of Sundays since they had started working on the Big Apple order. The parents of the children in New York were all money bags and the little boys and girls didn't really need presents from Santa Clause, but Santa had a responsibility to provide gifts to all the little boys and girls. This year the Elves had promised to sharpen their pencils to schedule their work to get this order finished on time. Most people never knew that even Santa had to come up with cold hard cash to buy all the supplies, and that Santa didn't have a credit card because there weren't any banks who believed he even existed. This year Santa said that maybe if the Elves wished upon their lucky stars they might get the vacation that they were always wanting and could never have. The Elves took heart, that although they didn't get to go on many vacations everyone including Santa loved them and appreciated all their hard work. Although Santa didn't pay the Elves, they were Elves (and everyone know Elves have special powers) and so the Elves had money burning a hole in their pockets, but no where to spend it. Shouldn't they get to go on vacations? They tried to convince Santa that they would have have a ball in the Big Apple. All they wanted to do was blow this popsicle stand, and everyone knows the North Pole is one giant popsicle stand. Vacation at the North Pole was not as nice as you would think. They wanted a vacation that would allow them to see that it's a whole other world out there. They tried to convince Santa that they could do research on what kind of toys all the little boys and girls would want for next year. They were very disappointed that when school was out and all the children got to go on summer vacation, they were at their busiest time getting ready for next Christmas. There never seemed to be time for a Elvin break! Santa tried to tell them that he loved his Elves and would do anything for them because they were the apple of his eye. He sat down with the Elves for a bite to eat. He offered them all candy canes for desert but come on, candy canes were a dime a dozen in the North Pole. The Elves decided that they would all have a Big Mac, a large milkshake, a large side of fries and two apple pies with a muffin. Nobody else knew that McDonald's had lots of restaurants at the North Pole. They truly were everywhere! When the food arrived they looked at it and realized that perhaps their eyes were bigger than their stomachs. Mrs. Santa Claus wasn't there and they all wondered why. "Speak of the devil," said Santa. Mrs. Claus said, "Cheerio". They both though that was weird because who says Cheerio? They weren't sure if Cheerio was from the Canuck's (from Canada) or the Brits (from England). They were pretty sure that Mrs. Claus was from the North Pole, but the North Pole was pretty close to Canada. He told Mrs. Claus that the Elves had been giving him a rough time about never getting a vacation. He wanted them to know that money was the root of all evil , and having money burning a hole in their pockets was making them feel that they had to spend it. He told them that for the rest of the world money doesn't grew on trees and people had to work hard for their money. Other people weren't like the Elves who could actually make money grow on trees! He thought it was important to show his Elves that he really appreciated them, but that you couldn't always have everything that you want. Santa told them that this time, he had been pulling their chains. They were going to get their wish for a special vacation but it would have to be just after Christmas. Santa said that he kept it a secret until they were close to finishing all the orders. The Elves were on on cloud nine with the good news. The Elves knew that nine times out of ten they never got any special appreciation from Santa but this time they were going to get a special vacation. In no time they were asking Santa questions about the vacation. They were all talking at once and when Elves do that you can't imagine the confusion and the noise. Santa finally told them to stop talking so that he could explain. The Elves had been night owls for the last six months and had been working extra hard to get all the toys ready.first hand, that Santa had been working alongside them and was starting to look like a bean pole. Looking like a bean pole was not good for Santa's image. Who wants to see a skinny Santa. Santa said that they would have to wait for Christmas morning to find out exactly what he had planned for them. On Christmas morning all of their energies were at rock bottom because they had all been working like crazy to make all the little boys and girls happy. It had been a zoo in Santa's Workshop. When Santa hit town back at the North Pole Christmas morning, he felt like having egg nog. Santa wasn't a bar star, but after the night he'd had, he needed a treat. He had had a very good day, all the presents had been delivered on time without anything breaking. He had managed to avoid being seen by any little boys and girls, but there had been a few close calls where he had to hide behind sofas and curtains! A few airline pilots had seen him, but with all the tracking and radar today, he didn't see how he could ever avoid being detected in the skies! Santa could get places in a flash, but modern technology was too much for even Santa to avoid. After Santa had a rest, the Elves came to him and asked about their vacation. Before you could say Jack Robinson the North Pole was changed into a tropical paradise with beaches and palm trees. The Elves thought that it was a barrel of laughs when they saw the polar bears wearing hats and flowered shirts. They didn't know that Santa could do that! All the warm beaches and tropical flowers were eye candy to the Elves who were used to seeing snow men and snow banks and snow plows and SNOW! Santa said to them "one for the money two for the show three to get ready and four to go now have a vacation WITHOUT SNOW!!" The Elves they thought that they were as American as apple pie because they watched mostly American television! They had wanted to go to the Big Apple for a vacation, but a beach vacation would suit them just fine. They loved all the little boys and girls in the world, Santa and Mrs. Clause but right now they mostly loved their well deserved vacation!

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List of Idioms in this Story
a month of Sundays American as apple pie apple of my eye money bags money is the root of all evil bar star barrel of laughs bean pole before you can say Jack Robinson Big Apple bite to eat blow this popsicle stand burn a hole in your pocket night owl nine times out of ten on cloud nine one for the money two for the show three to get ready and four to go Canuck cheerio cold hard cash pull your chain rock bottom rough time school's out dime a dozen sharpen your pencils speak of the devil take heart eye candy eyes are bigger than your stomach first hand good day wish upon your lucky stars have a ball hit town in a flash in no time it's a whole other world out there it's a zoo keep a secret money doesn't grow on trees