It's a Home Run

Pictures and Stories from Mrs. Andrea Kostelak's 3 rd Grade English Literacy Resource room at Bedwell Elementary School in Bernardsville, New Jersey, USA

Mrs. Kostelak went bananas and went through the rooof when she came into the classroom and everyone was jumping around on top of their desks going bananas." When she told them to sit down one they all sat down in their desks except one student." She looked at him angrily and said, "You are playing with fire now SIT DOWN!or your goose is cooked!!!." The boy sat down but said, "but Mrs. Kostelak, we were only celebrating my home run at recess!" Our class beat the Grade 7's." Mrs Kostelak said, "I don't care, I shouldn't have to watch you all like a hawk." The class felt embarassed and each and every student wanted to mend fences with Mrs. Kostelak so for the rest of the week they were very quiet and well behaved."

Idioms used in this Story

go bananas

home run

mend fences

play with fire

watch me like a hawk

went through the rooof

your goose is cooked