Ripped Off

On a hot summer day, Drake and his friends Ralph, Bill, Doug and Bryce were doing chores to raise money for a carnival they had only dreamed about going to. The carnival happened to be in their town and the only person who could stop them was Drake's evil 16 year old sister, Patricia. When the boys almost got the amount they needed to go to the carnival, they stashed it in their tree house. The day after, when the boys were eating lunch, Patricia found their money and went to the mall in her car. She bought dresses, shoes, perfume, and candy. Not just a little bit of candy, but a lot of candy. When the boys found out they the money was missing, they knew exactly who took it and where she was.

The mall was only a few blocks away, so the stampeding boys ran through the alley and into the mall. Patricia was just checking out the items when yelled at her; "We're GOING TO punch your lights out!!! YOU KNOW money doesn't grow on trees, IS YOUR heart in the right place?!" "I was just trying to make myself prettier for prom!"said Patrica. "WELL YOU AREN'T GOING TO BE SO PRETTY IF YOU KEEP pushing your luck !" said the boys. "OK, I will make it up to you, and I will give you your money when we get home, alright?", said Patricia. When the boys got the money back, Patricia drove them to the carnival. When they tried to use the money Patricia gave them, they were told that it was fake money! An hour later, the boys were sitting on the ground thinking about how dumb they were for trusting Patricia. She had given them counterfeit money. "I thought we were going to have a blast," Ralph complained sadly. The boys ended staying the night on the deep dark streets. In the night middle of the damp night, the 5 friends were being scaredy cats! A man started following them and they try to ditch him but then, a man saw the boys and took them under his wing and gave them 10 dollars. While the boys were having the worst time of their life, Patricia was thinking that she had gotten rid of her brother and that she wished that she had done this earlier. Finally the boys got to sleep and were sawing logs. The next morning they found a pay phone and it was $10 to make a call. It felt like they we're paying through the nose to use the phone. The boys called the police, fireman, and the president. Now that's making a scene! Patricia was arrested and went to jail.

Six months later Patricia got out of jail for her crime. When the boys saw her they said in unison, "Did you like being behind bars?" Patricia was thinking: Man, I just got burned, it was so rough in jail I could have bitten the bullet. "How would you like going back to jail?" asked Drake innocently. "No dice, I'm never going to anything like that again," said Patricia. When Patricia saw her friends again they knew that she would be as mad as a mad hatter for having to go to jail. Mom said she would have to repeat her grade because of her missed school. Drake still had no money but a 1 dollar bill given to him from his Grandmother. With that dollar he went into Seven Eleven a bought a lottery ticket. With the ticket he won $200. This money made him feel good because he could finally go to the carnival with his friends for real. But what made him feel even better was that he was a dark horse winner of the lottery. But Drake would have to wait for the carnival to come back to town to finally have fun with his friends at the carnival. Drake hoped that his sister had learned a lesson and would try to be a better person.

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Idioms used in this Story

behind bars

bite the bullet


dark horse

ditch him

don't push your luck

have a blast

heart is in the right place

mad hatter

make a scene

money doesn't grow on trees

no dice

pay through the nose

punch your lights out

sawing logs

scaredy cat

under my wing