Sports: Idioms With Animals

Sports Idioms that use Animals

Sometimes, when playing games, Joey was amused at the different kinds of animal idioms that he could use. There were many idioms that can be used when talking about a sporting event or game. Joey knew that in all games you don't ever want to be accused of being a slug and that sometimes you had to bear down on your efforts or your goose is cooked. Another way of saying this is if you don't try your best, you will probably lose. He knew that horseplay is great fun on the playground, but not a good thing to do when playing a game. He also knew that if you are playing dodge ball and you are the last player left on your team, that you are a sitting duck and that it might be a good idea to rabbit.

Idioms in the story:

a slug bear down goose is cooked horseplay a sitting duck rabbit