Sports: Adam Learns How to Lose

Adam Learns how to lose (Idioms about Food)

Adam always found it amazing that no matter what sport you played in, there were a lot of expressions that used food. When he first started playing sports, he was always getting confused when people used these expressions and one time he had gotten into real trouble with a new coach who thought that Adam was lipping him off. The expression that was used the most and always got a giggle out of everyone was cut the cheese. People were always saying, "Eeeww who cut the cheese. " Sometimes a team would have a star player and would put all their eggs in one basket, trusting that this player would win the game for the whole team. It was always a bitter pill if that player was away, because the whole team would then find themselves in a jam. They would often say at the beginning of a game when their star player was missing, "We're dead meat! or our goose is cooked. " Sometimes the games would go extremely well and winning became a piece of cake. Often after winning a game the coach or their parents would take them out for a hamburger or pizza. Man, that was icing on the cake! It was always hard to lose a game and afterwards they would often feel down and that was when they tried to cheer themselves and would say to each other, "Don't cry over spilt milk it's only a game! " Adam still didn't like it when someone on another team would say, "We're going to eat you for breakfast! " Adam felt that you should just play an honest game and not try to knock the other team. This was a difficult lesson for Adam, because it seemed that many sports players liked to use put downs. Adam found that learning how to lose was the hardest part of any sport. Even the best teams and the best players would lose or have a bad game. The secret was to learn to be a good sport about it and to continue to do your best. Sometimes good or bad luck could change a game very quickly and sometimes a team would all be playing extremely well or extremely poorly and that was all it took for one team to win and another team to lose. Adam understood all of this but he was only a kid, and when he lost it felt that he had been hit in the breadbasket. Besides playing sports, Adam played the clarinet. After losing a game he would try to get together with friends and just jam. Music always made him happy! After all, playing games was supposed to be for the fun of it. Adam struggled all the time with having fun no matter how the games turned out and not crying over spilt milk.

Idioms in the Story: lipping him off all their eggs in one basket cut the cheese bitter pill dead meat goose is cooked icing on the cake a piece of cake Don't cry over spilt milk eat you for breakfast in a jam down knock breadbasket