Sports: Adam Plays Baseball

Adam plays Baseball - Adam and the Hot Head)

Adam decided that he wanted to play baseball. He talked to his mom and she signed him up for the league. His mom was a good head, she always supported him. When it was time for the first practice his coach asked him if he was a hot head. Adam didn't know what a hot head was and he didn't know how to answer this so he answered that it's heads or tails as to if I'm a hot head or not. Neither the coach or Adam knew what each other were saying. The coach was a hot head so he told Adam that he'd better keep an eye open or he'd give him a fat lip and that he didn't appreciate the lip Adam was giving him. He said, If you lip me off any more I'll take your head off!! Adam wished that he hadn't opened his big mouth, because he hadn't meant to be rude to his new coach. He was a little mad at the new coach but he didn't want to get kicked off the team before his very first practice. He wanted to give the coach a taste of his own medicine and really lip him off, but he was certain that if he did he would get his ears pinned back and be thrown off the team in his first minute of his first practice. His mom had taught him that sometimes when you get mad it was best to keep your head, calm down and not add fuel to the fire! He decided he should swallow his pride and apologize to the coach, so he did. He said, Coach, I didn't mean to lip you off, I didn't know what you meant when you asked me if I'm a hot head so I just said something so I didn't look stupid. The coach (who was a hot head) just replied, Cry me a river. Adam had no idea what that meant but he didn't want to get a black eye so he didn't say anything because the last thing he wanted was for the coach to think he was giving him more lip! The rest of the practice was OK and he did enjoy the practice and was looking forward to the start of the season. When he got home he asked his mom what a hot head was. His mom told him that it was someone who got upset easily. She said that hot heads are no fun to be around. His mom asked him if his coach was a nice man. Adam didn't want to blow the whistle on the coach. If he told his mom that the coach was a hot head she'd probably make him quit baseball or even add fuel to the fire and go yell at the coach. He wanted to play baseball and was willing to put up with a coach who was a hot head. It was either put up with his coach or miss baseball. Keeping quiet about the coach won by a nose and so he said, Mom, my coach is the nicest guy you could ever meet. He hoped he wouldn't bite the dust for lying to his mom, but after all, baseball meant a lot to him and it might be true, the coach might be a nice guy even if he was a hot head! His mom said that she would like to make a bet that he would hit a grand slam in his first at bat. Adam knew that the chances of that happening were very small so he said, Put your money where your mouth is! What do you know, Adam's mom was right again. He did hit a grand slam in the first game and he also hit a three-bagger. Adam and the coach got along just fine from then on, even though the coach really was a hot head.

Idioms in the Story: Hot Head good head keep an eye open heads or tails lip me off take your head off big mouth lip fat lip taste of his own medicine keep your head add fuel to the fire ears pinned back swallow his pride black eye Cry me a river blow the whistle won by a nose grand slam a three-bagger Put your money where your mouth is! bite the dust