Valentine's Day Going on a Date

This is a story all about love and kisses and how one's heart can be broken.

One day I was at home and I had butterflies in my stomach. I couldn't eat or sleep because I was going to go on a blind date with a girl that I had a crush on . Well it wasn't exactly a blind date, I had seen her at the library, but she didn't know who I was or what I looked like. So for her it was a blind date. The date was going to take place on Valentine's Day and I was really feeling the pressure. I was hoping to fall in love on Valentine's Day! I hadn't been in love since my old flame and I had parted ways last year. When I broke up with her, there was certainly no love lost between us. But right now I was walking on air because the Love Bug had bitten me. I certainly hoped that this was not just puppy love. After all I was 14 years old. Surely I was old enough to fall in love for real. I also hoped that we might get a chance to neck while we are on the date. No wonder I had butterflies! Oh well, they always say that love conquers all and that once I started the date the butterflies would go away.

When I met the girl at her front door, I almost had a change of heart. At heart I was really quite a chicken. Cross my heart and hope to die, when I opened the door I almost fell down on my knees. My date was just as gorgeous as could be and she was actually smiling at me. I saw her mom standing behind her and suddenly I had a heavy heart. Was she going to ask me all sorts of questions and make me feel uncomfortable? Was she going to tell me that the date was off? I thought to myself, "Have a heart, be nice to me and let me date your daughter." I was afraid that she was going to be hard hearted. But I didn't have anything to worry about. My date's mother had a heart of gold and welcomed me into the house. She said to me, "Take heart, it is obvious that you really like my daughter, because you wear your heart on your sleeve. I'm very happy to make your acquaintance and I hope that you and my daughter have a pleasant time on your date." Suddenly I wasn't sick at heart anymore. I hoped that this date was going to be the best date of my life. The only thing that she did say to me was that she hoped that I would treat her daughter with respect. I took that to heart and promised that I would treat her daughter like the queen that I thought that she was. That made her mom very happy. She told me that if I needed her to pick us up, or if there were any problems we could call her and she gave me her phone number. I made a half-hearted effort to learn the number by heart, but I quite honestly couldn't concentrate on phone numbers at a time like this. Just as we were leaving she asked me if I was a bleeding heart. I wasn't sure exactly what she meant by that and was afraid to give her an answer which she didn't want to hear. So I came up with a brilliant response. I said, "What do you think?" She gave me a puzzled look and my heart skipped a beat as I closed the door.

Finally we were on our date on Valentine's Day. I had decided that I would start the date by taking her to McDonald's. I went up to the counter and blew her a kiss. I thought I looked so cute, my kiss curls were looking just right. As I blew her a kiss I saw that she was talking to another guy and laughing. When I got back with the 6 pack of Chicken McNuggets, she took one look at me and one at the new guy. I could tell by the look on her face that she was giving me the kiss off. She turned and walked out of McDonald's arm in arm with this new guy. Wow, what a short date. I was heart broken and I went home with a heavy heart. I had thought Valentine's Day was a perfect day to take out my heart throb. I guess taking her to McDonald's was not exactly a great idea. I guess I better kiss that one goodbye! The next day I met a new girl. I wasn't heart broken any more. Maybe it had been puppy love after all.

Idioms in this story:
butterflies in my stomach blind date crush Ion fall in love in love old flame no love lost between us walking on air Love Bug puppy love neck love conquers all change of heart At heart chicken Cross my heart and hope to die heavy heart Have a heart hard hearted heart of gold Take heart wear your heart on your sleeve sick at heart took that to heart half-hearted by heart a bleeding heart heart skipped a beat blew her a kiss kiss curls kiss off arm in arm heart broken heavy heart heart throb kiss that one goodbye heart broken