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love and all that gushy stuff. 



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Red Letter Day
 feeling really blue
 raining cats and dogs
 snowing him
 a snow job
feel too blue
Fair Shake
 paying you the big bucks
 put all my eggs in one basket
The ball's in your court
Be my guest
 a new broom sweeps clean
added insult to injury 
hill of beans.  
added fuel to the fire 
bird brain
fair shake
Happy as a Clam
 slow day
 a snap.  
air had been blue
a long shot.  
noses to the grindstone
around the clock
all wet
lazy bones
 heads or tails 
fire you
hot head 
keep your hair 
lazy bones
keep your head on  
good head
two heads are better than one
keeping their heads above water  
hot head
my cool
good head
piece of cake
sad sack
flown off the handle
something was up 
 heart of gold  
cooled off
 take the cake 
bag of tricks
pull my leg
jig is up
take a bullet 
think outside the box
hard to teach an old dog a new trick 
piece of cake
the icing on the cake 
a dog's age 
take a break
a three dog night
give up
the jig is up  
the cats' out of the bag
give you a hand
dead giveaway
give me a hint
something up
give his best
gave up
give me a ring
give you odds
Black or Gray Idioms
gray area
black mark 
black sheep 
Black Friday
black eye
blacked out
black mark 
in the black
Red or Pink Idioms
tickled pink
in the pink
red letter day
red handed
in the red


Blue Idioms
 baby blues
caught between the devil and the deep blue sea
feeling blue
blue moon
air was blue
blue sky
blue in the face
Gold or Yellow Idioms
heart of gold
golden  rule
pot of gold
Green Idioms
green stuff.  
green thumb
the grass was greener on the other side of the fence 
Florida Green
Valentines and Love related idioms
Love and related idioms
butterflies in my stomach
crush on
blind date
fall in love
in love
old flame
no love lost between us
walking on air
Love Bug
puppy love
 love conquers all
  arm and arm
Heart Idioms
change of heart
At heart
cross my heart and hope to die
heavy heart
Have a heart
hard hearted
heart broken
heart of gold
heart throb
Take heart
wear your heart on your sleeve
sick at heart
took that to heart
half hearted
by heart
a bleeding heart
heart skipped a beat
Kiss Idioms
blew her a kiss
kiss curls
blew her a kiss
kiss off
kiss that one goodbye
Idioms about Luck

string of good luck

lucky streak

wish upon a lucky star

you can thank your lucky stars

tough luck

the luck of the draw

pure luck

lucky dog

You have to be good to be lucky

the luck of the Irish

stroke of good luck

lucked out

lucky break

down on his luck

darn my luck

Don't push your luck

try your luck

push your luck

the luck of the Irish

should be so lucky


Animal Idioms



rabbit died

rabbit food

All rabbit idioms


slimy things

a slug

blow snakes


clam up

happy as a clam

open a can of worms

All slimy Animal idioms



in the clover

in leaf

to grass on  someone

Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence

All Plants Idioms



fish for a compliment

fish out of water

kettle of fish

All fish idioms



get off your high horse

hold your horses


horse of a different colour

 pony tail

All horse idioms



cat's meow

cat's out of the bag

curiosity killed the cat 

kick at the cat


raining cats and dogs

cat got your tongue

cool cat

All cat idioms



you can't teach an old dog new tricks

dog's breakfast

dog eat dog

puppy love


three dog night

raining cats and dogs

dog`s age

hot dog

dog`s life

doggy bag

All dog idioms



a little birdy told me

bee in her bonnet  

Canada goose

Goose is Cooked

chick flick


chicken in every pot


early bird

fly on the wall

for the birds


like water off a duck's back


loony bin

night owl

sitting duck


talk turkey


All bird idioms



Love Bug

put a bug in my ear


All bug idioms


Big Animals

bear down

bull in a China shop


cash cow


in a coon's age

monkey business  

old goat


pig out

Pig in a Poke

take the bull by the horns

the goat or ...Scapegoat

wolf in sheep's clothing

crocodile tears

All Big Animals idioms




make a mountain out of a mole hill

All Rodent idioms


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