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a babe in the woods                                    

a bad taste in my mouth

a bare-faced lie                                           

a barrel of laughs  

a bee in her bonnet                                    

a big shot(1)  a big shot(2)

a big wheel                                              

a big wig    a big wig (2)

a bit off/a bit mental                             

a bit at sea

a bitter pill(1)   a bitter pill(2)                                       

a bite to eat(1)  a bite to eat (2)  a bite to eat(3)

 a blackout (TV)                              

a black mark      

a blank look   

a blackout (war)  a blackout (2) 

a breath of wind                                      

a blast(1) a blast(2)
a brick short  

a brick  

a card(1)   a card (2)    a bull in a China shop                           

a caution                                                 

a bun in the oven          

a chicken in every pot                          

a checkup

a chip off the old block                       

a case of 

a close call(1)   a close call(2)                                            

a chunk of change

A Doggy Bag                             

a daredevil (1)  a daredevil(2)

a crush on

a dime a dozen

a cut-up(1)    a cut up(2)       

a dog's age(1)    a dog's age (2)

a dead giveaway                               

a dog's life(1)  a dog's life (2)

 a doggy bag                  

a duke's mixture

a dog's breakfast(1)  a dog's breakfast(2)              

a fair shake

a drag 

a feather in your cap

a falling out                                 

a fine line(1)  a fine line(2)

a far cry                                 

a free hand(1)  a free hand(2)

a fat lip                                 

a good egg

a fifth wheel                          

a handful

a fill-up                                

a hotdog(1)  a hot dog(2)

a fine-toothed comb          

a leg up

a fish out of water

a little birdy told me

a flash in the pan                     

a little off

a fly on the wall(1) 

A Riot

a fresh pair of eyes                     

a redneck

a good head(1)  a good head(2)  

a pop (1)   a pop(2)

a heavy day                                 

a rough time

a hill of beans                            

a sad sack

a hot ticket(1)    a hot ticket (2)  a hot ticket(3)

a sharp tongue

a hothead                                  

a shot in the arm

a lift                                          

a sick building

a little off                             

a silver spoon(1)  a silver spoon(2)  a silver spoon(3)

a little steep                          

a slug  (1)     a slug(2)

a long shot                           

a snow job

a lot on the ball                        

a suicide pass (hockey)

a lucky streak(1)     a lucky streak(2)  

a three-bagger

a marked man                            

a wake-up call(1)    a wake-up call(2)

a month of Sundays                   

above the law

a new broom sweeps clean          

add insult to injury

a no brainer

ahead of the game

a penny for your thoughts       


a piece of cake (1)   a piece of cake(2)

all eyes(1)   all eyes(2) 

a pinch of salt 

all his marbles(1) all his marbles(2)

a play on words                        

all set(1)   all set(2)

a pretty penny                              


a red-letter day                           

around the clock                       

a rip-off(1)   a rip off(2)                                   

at a good clip                                 

a shoo-in                

at bay                              

a sitting duck                                   

at heart                                            

a slow day                                

at least                                             

a snap                                            

at my finger tips

a thorn in my side                           

at rest(1)   at rest (2)                

above board                                        

at stake(1)      at stake (2)                                     

ace in the hole                                      

all His marbles

add fuel to the fire                                 

at all(1) at all(2)

air was blue                                       

at death's door

all ears                                                 

at once

all wet                                                     

at peace

all your eggs in one basket                     

at sixes and sevens

american as apple pie an ace up your sleeve 

angels fear to tread                    

any word           

baby boomer           

baby blues(1)baby blues(2)

back on your feet    

bag of tricks (1) bag of tricks(2)

back to square one  


backpack (business)

bad time(1)   bad time(2)

bat 500


be my guest

balance of power bad apple
ball's in your court

bear down      

Bean pole(1)  Bean pole(2)

bar star(1)        barstar(2)    

before you can say Jack Robinson


behind bars

beat up                     

between the devil and the deep blue sea

bed of roses

Big Apple (1)     Big Apple(2)   Big Apple(3)

behind the eight ball(1) behind the eight ball (2)     

big break

behind your back                                 

big deal

big boys(1)  big boys(2)            

big picture

big bucks                                                   

big wheel

big mouth                                                  


big rig                                                        

bilk(1)  bilk(2)

big time                                                     

bitter pill (1)      bitter pill(2)


black out

bite the dust   bite the dust(2)                                              

black sheep

bite your tongue 

black eye                                                       


black mark                                                    

blood money

Black Friday
blank face

blow a kiss

bleeding heart                                         

blow me over

blind date                                                

blow them away

blow snakes (music)                               

blow this Popsicle stand

blow you away

blow the whistle                                      

blow up

blow up                                                      

blue in the face

blow your mind                                          

bomb out



blue sky                                                       


boom box                                                 


bread and butter   

break a story


break curfew

break a leg  

broken record                                                       

bright eyed and bushy tailed

bug (someone)                                                    

bring the house down

buck stops here burn a hole in your pocket 

build up                                                               

bring up

burn up                                                                  

brush with death

butter fingers                                                          

buy time

butterflies in my stomach

buzz off

bye the barn

by heart


call for

call off

can it

can (1) can(2) can(3)  can (4)

Canada goose(1) Canada goose(2)

can of worms(1)  can of worms(2)



can't stand (1)     can't stand(2) can't stand(3)

carry a tune


carry on

caribouboo (1) 

catch a plane/bus/train     

carry the can

catch on

cash cow

catch the wave

cat got your tongue

catch your eye

catch 22 (1) catch 22( 2)

cat's out of the bag

catch on(1)  catch on (2)

caught red-handed (1)   caught red-handed(2)  

catch some z's(1) catch some z's(2)

caught up

catch up

cave in(1) cave in (2)

catch you later

chasing rainbows (1)  chasing rainbows(2)

catch your death


cat's meow

chick flick

caught up

choose sides

caution(1) caution(2)

circles around you

cement hands(1)cement hands(2)

clam up(1)     clam up (2)

chain letter

clued in

change of heart

coffee talk (1)    coffee talk(2)


chip on his shoulder

cold hard cash

check up on

come to


cool cat (1)    cool cat(2)


cover up

chicken in every pot


chuck it

crocodile tears                          


cross my heart and hope to die 

clear sailing

cruising for a bruising                           



cold call

crush on(1)  

cold feet(1)    cold feet(2)

cry your eyes out                         

couch potato  

cup of tea                                      

cool under pressure

curiosity killed the cat                    

crack me up


cracked(1) cracked(2)

cut the cheese      


crack a joke

crop up

cut it


cut it out

cry me a river(1)  cry me a river(2)

cut rate  


daredevil (1)  daredevil(2) 

damaged goods

dead on 

dead head  

death's door

dead meat


dog's age

deep six  

dog's life

Denver boot    

don't cry over spilt milk

dirty money  

don't know which side your bread is buttered on

don't go away mad just go away


dog eat dog  

dog's breakfast

doggy bag
don't believe your eyes

dollars to donuts


 down to earth

dove(1) dove(2)  



 dress up

drop a hint

 drop a bundle

drop a name / drop names

 drop a line

drop behind

 drop back

drop in (1)  drop in(2)  drop in(3)

 drop charges

drop it

drop off (1) drop off (2)

dry up   

 drop over


 drum up

dust devil


early bird

 ears pinned back

eat out

 ease up

eat you for breakfast

 eat your heart out

end up

 egg on my face

eye candy (1)  eye candy(2) 

 end of the line

eye to eye

even up  
eyes are bigger than your stomach  

fall out

 family tree

fall in love fat chance

far cry

 feel blue

fat cat

 feel free

fat lip

file  13

feel like a million dollars


find out   


fire(1)  fire(2)

fresh legs

first crack at  

 fresh pair of eyes         

first hand


fish for a compliment

for the birds

  fudge it

from square one


frosty Friday(1)  frosty Friday(2)


game over

 get a ticket

get a life(1)  get a life(2)

 get axed

get blood from a stone     

 get it

get home   

 get lost

get mad 

 get out

get off your soap box

 get over

get off your high horse  

get real

 get serious

get the sack

 get your feet wet(1)  get your feet wet(2)

gimme a break 

 give me a hand (1)    give me a hand(2)

give me a hint    

 give me a ring

give up  

 give you odds

give your best  

 good arm

go crazy 

 good day   good day(2)

 go jump in the lake  

go for broke

 goose is cooked

grand slam 

 got guts

Great One     

 grain of salt

green stuff    

green thumb

gray area

 Green Florida 

grill you

grow up

had enough


hang loose

 hand down

happy as a clam hang ten (surfing)

hard hearted

 hang on


 hard line

hat in hand hard up

have a heart(1) have a heart(2)

 have a ball(1) have a ball(2)


 heads will roll

heads or tails

heavy heart (1)  heavy heart(2)  
heart of gold





he's a regular brick
he's a bit of a mad cap

 hidden talent

hidden agenda 



hit me

high five

 hit on  

higher than a kite

 hit town

hit home


hit man

 hold a candle

hit the books


hit the spot


hold it


hold on

 hot air(1)  hot air(2)

hold the phone

 hot goods

hold up


hold up

hold your tongue

hot on the trail

hold your horses
holy pile

hot potato

hop up

hot ticket

hot hand


hurry up

icing on the cake

 in a bad way

if you can't stand the heat  get out of the kitchen

 in a blue moon

in a big way

 in a coon's age

in a bit

 in a flash

in a flap

 in a stew

in a jam(1) in a jam(2)

 in a tizzy  

in a rut

 in brief(1)  in brief(2)

in a snip

 in cahoots

in time

 in clover

in charge

 in control

in heaven's name

 in hand

in love

 in leaf

in mint condition

in no time

in place

in stir

in step 

in the bag

in stitches

in the gutter

in the hole

 in the meantime

in the red

 in the mood

in tune

in the pink
in your bad books in writing

 information leak

it's a zoo in there

 in's and out's

 it's a whole other world out there

jam/jam out



jig is up

 jazz  up

joke is on you

 join up

joke is on you


jump for joy


junk food

 jump the gun

junk mail 

 jungle mouth

keep a secret 

 keep an eye open

keep it up (1) keep it up(2) keep it up (3)

 keep out

keep your hair on 

 keep the ball rolling


 keep under wraps

kick at the cat

 keep your fingers crossed

kick butt 

 keep your head

kick start

 keep your shirt on

keep your head above water  

kick up a fuss  

 kettle of fish

kicking around


 kick back

 kill a penalty (hockey)

 kick myself

 kill me

 kick the bucket

kiss off

kill ourselves laughing 


kill time kill time (2)

knock flat 

kiss curls (hair style) 

knock out 

kiss that one goodbye


knock you out  


lazy bones

land on your feet 

 laid up

lap up

 lead a life

lead foot  

 leave me hanging

leg up

let George do it


 line up

let go of    

 lip off

let the good times roll

 lock you up

let up   

 long arm of the law



lie down on the job 

 look down your nose at

like water off a duck's back


 look up to

long for  

 looking up

look high and low

 loony bin

look up/look it up

 lose it

loonie (1) loonie(2)

Love Bug

lose time

 lump in my throat

love conquers all


make friends

 make a face (1) make a face (2)

make it big

 make a mountain out of a mole hill

make war

 make believe

mean well

 make fun of

middle of the road  

 make up

middle of nowhere

 make up your mind

milk run  

 mark my word

mix it up  

 measure up

mix you up


money is the root of all evil   

 Murphy's Law

monkey business  

 music to my ears

month of Sundays

 my old man

my eye

naked eye




 nest egg

new blood

 nine times out of ten

night owl

 no hard feelings

no contest

 no love lost

no doubt


no rest for the wicked  


no sweat

 nut house

nose for news


number one


old flame

 old goat

old hat(1) old hat (2)

 on a string

on cloud nine

 on loan

on edge

on short notice 

on fire

 on the ball

on in years

 on the bright side

on side

 on the fence

on target 

 on the money

on the books

 on the rail

on the button

 one for the money  two for the show...

on the dot

 open a can of worms

on the QT

out of my hair

on the run  

out of the woods  

on the side

out of this world

on the table

over my dead body

on the wagon

on the wing

on the whole

on your side      

pass for

 pass off

pass on

perfect stranger

pay attention

 pick on

pay down

 pig out



pedal to the metal


pick a fight        play dead(1) play dead(2)
piece of cake pick your brains


 play games

Plan B

 play on words

play dirty

 pony tail

play fair

 pretty penny

pocket Hercules   

 pull a few strings

popcorn brain

 pull the pin

pot of gold

 pull up stakes

pull it out

 pull your chain

pull your leg    puppy

puppy love

 put down roots

put a bug in my ear

 put 'er there

put a hex on me

put your money where your mouth is  

put my foot down  

put to death

put out

put up or shut up


 rabbit died

rabbit food



 raining cats and dogs


 read between the lines

ride me

 rock bottom


 rubber match

rock the boat


rot gut

rug up

row of beans

 sharp as a tack


 sad sack



sharpen your pencils

 school's out

shining star

 see(1) see(2)

shoot up


short cut

 sharp(1)   sharp(2)

shut your trap


sitting duck


six bits   

 sick at heart

slip away

 sicker than a dog


 slip up


 smell blood

square one   


stick to it

 speak of the devil


 split up

stop on a dime    


string of good luck (1)  string of good luck(2)

swallow your pride

sweep you off your feet

 sweet tooth

take a poll 

 tail lights

take after 

take a bullet

take heart

take it

take in

 talk big

take it

 talk is cheap

take it to heart

 talk to the hand

take my head off      

 team up

take the cake   

 tear me apart

take the bull by the horns taste of your own medicine
talk turkey


teed up 

 ten-four (CB radio)

tell all


The Big Apple

 thank heavens

the devil makes work for idle hands

 the apple of his eye

The Golden Rule 

 the big cheese

the grass is greener on the other side of the fence

 the big 0

The Group of Seven       

 the eye of the storm

the odd bill

 the first leg

The Rock(1) The Rock(2)

 the goat

thin ice

thing-a-ma-bob / thing-a-ma-jig  

think tank

 think outside the box


 think straight(1)   think straight(2)

three dog night

 think up

throw a game

throw the book at

throw up

tin Lizzie

tickled pink

 too bad

tied up

 try me

to the T


to beat the band

 twinkle toes

to boot  

 two-fisted attack

to egg on

 two heads are better than one

to grass on  someone twist your words

top dog

top it off

under fire

 under control

under my care 

 under my nose

up to no good



 walking on air

wait up   

 wake up and smell the coffee

walk the plank

 walk on eggshells

walk up (1)  walk up(2)

 wear your heart on your sleeve

went wild

 what's up

whatever floats your boat


win by a nose 



 written all over your face

wish upon your lucky star worldly wise

wolf in sheep's clothing(1) wolf in sheep's clothing (2)

written in blood


word to the wise

x marks the spot(1) 

x marks the spot(2)  

yellow belly

 Yellow(1)  Yellow(2)

you can't teach an old dog new tricks (1)

you can't teach an old dog new tricks(2)

Yo Yo

you don't miss the water till the well runs dry

you can bet your bottom dollar      

your eyes are bigger than your stomach



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